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Minimize WordPress security risks and safeguard your business and customers with WpSplitUp’s top-notch WordPress security services. Our years of experience and proven track record give you peace of mind.

WordPress security features

Explore our top-tier WordPress website security solutions.

Cloud backups on schedule

Regularly backing up your WordPress site is crucial for optimal security. Our team at WpSplitUp conducts frequent cloud backups, so you can have peace of mind knowing your site is safe in case of any issues.

Enhancing security with a custom login page

To prevent unauthorized access to your website, we can create a custom login page with a unique URL. This added security measure makes it harder for hackers to find your login page and keeps your website safe from malicious attacks.

Plugins and themes to ensure total security

Not all plugins and themes are beneficial for your website. Some can slow down your WordPress site and make it vulnerable to attacks. To ensure the safety and security of your site, we conduct regular WordPress security audits on your plugins and themes. This helps to reduce security issues and ensures that everything is always up-to-date.

Keeping SSL certificates up-to-date.

To ensure your customers' data is secure, SSL certificates are essential for any website security service. They protect sensitive information and server-client communication, and show customers that your website can be trusted.

Daily monitoring for security threats.

We monitor your website daily to protect against security threats. This added layer of protection ensures your website stays secure and helps prevent unauthorized access and other malicious attacks.

Secure and reliable protection website's database

With our professional database protection service for WordPress, your website benefits from secure architecture, user authentication, and encryption. This ensures that your sensitive data and your customers' information are safe and secure.

Comprehensive WordPress security audit service

Concerned about security for WordPress sites?

We offer comprehensive WordPress security audit tools, assessing everything we need to ensure your site remains safe and secure. Our security audit checklist includes:

Common WordPress security
issues and threats

Hackers, malware, and cyber attackers have become increasingly sophisticated. Every website is at risk of security threats, and WordPress websites are no exception.

There are a variety of potential security threats facing your websites today, that warrant WordPress protection. These include:

Unsafe themes and plugins: not all themes or plugins are safe or reliable. If you don’t audit them (or install unsecure plugins), your site could be at risk of attack.

Malicious phishing scams: if a hacker gets into your site, they can capitalize on your customers’ trust in you to encourage them to click on links to phishing scams — poor WordPress security makes it easier for hackers to do this.

Cross-Site Scripting attacks: outdated plugins put your site at serious risk of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. This lets cyber criminals share unsafe links on your website, or even show a fake contact form to steal your customers’ valuable information.

Out-of-date software: regular updates patch up WordPress security issues and ensure your website is as safe and protected as possible. Miss one update, and you might be vulnerable to hackers.

Supply chains attacks: risky or untrustworthy plugins put WordPress site security at risk of supply chain attacks. These let hackers access sensitive data and potentially steal your and your customers’ data.

These are just a few of the security threats that most website and WordPress users are at risk of. At WpSplitUp, we are aware of all the risks to your WordPress site and plan and prepare for them accordingly.

Our team of skilled and experienced WordPress security experts understands the potential vulnerabilities facing your site, and are able to protect against and resolve any issue that might arise. When you choose WpSplitUp for your WordPress security solution, you know you’re in safe hands and that your business’ website can stay operating, come what may.

Only safe and secure
WordPress security plugins

Trusted WordPress security plugins

At WpSplitUp, we only ever use selected trusted plugins for your WordPress website. We conduct rigorous checks on any potential plugins to ensure they meet our high standards of security for your WordPress site. If they’re anything less than perfect, we won’t use them for your site.

Regular safety audits

We also conduct regular a WordPress security audit to ensure all your plugins are safe and uncompromised. Our regular updates also keep your plugins secure and protected from any malicious hackers.

Beyond typical WordPress security

When you choose WpSplitUp for your WordPress security, you can rest easy knowing we go above and beyond to protect your business’ website from every angle.

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